Fevergeon Financial Monthly

January 2020

  • Socially Responsible Investing: Aligning Your Money with Your Values
  • Hindsight Is 2020: What Will You Do Differently This Year?
  • Key Retirement and Tax Numbers for 2020
  • Could you survive a no-spend month?
  • How Consumers Spend Their Money

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December 2019

  • How to Give Like a Billionaire When You Don’t Have Billions to Give
  • Take This Quiz: The Social Security Retirement Earnings Test
  • For College Savings, 529 Plans Are Hard to Beat
  • Should I sign up for an identity theft protection service?
  • Protecting Yourself Against Identity Theft

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November 2019

  • Three Regrets of Retirees
  • Ten Year-End Tax Tips for 2019
  • Tips for Managing Your Holiday Spending
  • What are continuing care retirement communities?
  • Do independent living communities differ from CCRCs?

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October 2019

  • Earnings Season: What Investors Can Take Away from Corporate Reports
  • Five Times in Your Life When You Might Need Help with Your Finances
  • Balancing 401(k) and HSA Contributions
  • What health services aren’t covered by Medicare?
  • How much will health care cost?

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September 2019

  • Federal Income Tax: How Did We Get Here?
  • Five Retirement Lessons from Today’s Retirees
  • Social Security: Shoring Up America’s Safety Net
  • What are the warning signs of financial scams targeting older individuals?
  • How can I teach my high school student the importance of financial literacy?

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August 2019

  • Market Strategies: Three Ways to Play Defense in Your Stock Portfolio
  • Key Estate Planning Documents
  • What’s New in the College World?
  • What are the warning signs of financial scams targeting older individuals?
  • How can you avoid falling for the Social Security imposter scam?

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July 2019

  • Is It Time to Declare Your Financial Independence?
  • Should You Invest Internationally?
  • Why Not Do It Now? New Research on Procrastination
  • Have you checked your tax withholding lately?
  • Do I need to pay estimated tax?

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June 2019

  • Ten Money-Saving Travel Tips
  • Charitable Giving After Tax Reform
  • How Loneliness Can Affect Your Financial Condition
  • What’s the real return on your investments?
  • Inflation Variation, Eroding Purchasing Power

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May 2019

  • Mergers & Acquisitions: What’s in the Deal for Investors?
  • How Does the Federal Reserve Affect the Economy?
  • How to Recover from a Mid-Life Financial Crisis
  • What is a college income-share agreement?
  • How much money should a family borrow for college?

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April 2019

  • Quiz: Social Security Survivor Benefits
  • Rules on Opening a 529 Plan Account for College
  • How Does Your Employer’s Retirement Plan Compare?
  • Do I need to get a REAL ID when I renew my license?
  • How do I replace my Social Security card?

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March 2019

  • Due Date Approaches for 2018 Federal Income Tax Returns
  • Nine Things a Business Owner Should Know After Tax Reform
  • Key Financial Ratios for Small-Business Owners
  • What are some ways to prepare financially for severe weather?
  • Cartoon: How Many Dependents?

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February 2019

  • Hidden Gem: HSAs in Retirement
  • Tax Scams to Watch Out For
  • Know Your Mutual Funds
  • How can you lower the costs of owning a vehicle?
  • Is a vehicle subscription service in your future?

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