Financial Planning

Fevergeon Financial, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of comprehensive financial planning through Money Tree Silver Financial Planner software. With this service, we will develop a financial plan specific to your goals, risk tolerance, and financial situation.
Please see the list below of commonly-asked questions that can be easily answered through comprehensive financial planning:

  • How much money in retirement savings will I need to retire?
  • How long will my money last?
  • How much should I invest each month to fund my child’s education?
  • Should I have life insurance? How much do I need?

Comprehensive financial plans will analyze your budget, goals, cash flow, and current holdings in order to provide answers to these and other common questions in a clear and concise way. These tools will further assist in estate, life, college, and income planning.

We provide this service on a fee-only basis for those clients who wish to have unbiased, no-strings attached financial advice.  In addition to the financial planning services noted above, we offer an additional investment portfolio analysis as part of the plan.  Plans can be purchased on this basis for a $500.00 project fee.

If you have any further questions about whether a financial plan is right for you, please feel free to contact us.