Christie Fevergeon

As Richard Fevergeon’s spouse, Christie has provided Fevergeon Financial with administrative assistance since its inception in 1984. Christie married Dick in 1970 while working for Pacific Telephone, a subsidiary of AT&T. From 1977 to 1978, she worked for Pacific Northwest Bell (which later became Qwest Communications). When Dick and Christie moved to Ellensburg in 1978, Christie was offered a position working as a secretary for the Ellensburg School District.

In 1988, she moved to a position in the Graduate Studies office at Central Washington University. While working full-time in the graduate office, Christie decided to enroll at Central Washington University in order to complete her bachelor’s degree. In 1996, she graduated with honors from Central Washington University with a Bachelor of Science in Administrative Management. In 2004, Christie was honored with the distinguished civil servant award upon her retirement from Central Washington University.

Today, she continues to assist Dick on a limited basis with various bookkeeping and administrative tasks.